DIY Framed quotes as wall decor

A simple one hour craft to bring a little color and life to your walls – how to make simple DIY framed quotes using doodle arts. Read on for tutorial.

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No they aren’t life changing quotes! They are simple DIY framed quotes that might bring a smile to your face ( just because you made them yourself :P) Anyways I do not know if you guys know that I stay in a government quarters provided as a part of my job so basically the house layout is not designed by an interior designer but its is practical. Well whats the use of practical layout when none of my furniture or equipment fit in anywhere! The walls are painted peach in some rooms and pink in some other bah! I do not like it but I cannot change the paint neither can I bring any major change in the quarters. So my aim presently is to add little little accents here and there to hide the hideousness of peach wall and also make reasons to buy more paints and craft supplies ha ha !

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How to make decoupage napkin on your own

How to make decoupage napkins at home? Read on to know about my experiment to make decoupage napkin in block printed Indian motif using stamps and inks 🙂

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If you have been following my posts, I am sure you guys would be like “she is decoupage high”! With the paper napkin decoupaged serving tray and fabric decoupaged coaster sets, another decoupage tutorial is quite boring I know but please do bear with me this one last time! I have these DIYed wall shelves that look awful because they were our first attempt at wood work and hence required something nice on them to distract attention from their handicaps 😀

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