Cardmaking Basics for beginners

Must read list for cardmaking in India. This post in the cardmaking tutorial series helps you understand various types of cards and gets you choose a style.

cardmaking basics for begineers

So I have finally joined the bandwagon of paper-crafters in India although I am most of the time invisible! Its high time I share my experience on cardmaking basics, cardmaking supplies, techniques etc – I mean whatever I know about cardmaking. This post is going to be part 1 of the many more topic specific posts to come. As and when I make new post in the series, I shall tag them here in a list.

Little introduction with types of cardmaking styles

I thought I would just give an introduction about cardmaking by sharing some cards from various blogs and sharing how they were made. That way you could choose your style of cards and buy supplies in accordance to that.

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DIY Handpainted Serving Tray Tutorial

Check out this easy tutorial for handpainted serving tray inspired by designs from Jaipur blue pottery. Painting is not my thing but this is really easy!

handpainted serving tray, serving tray, DIY home decor, Jaipur, blue pottery


Its been a while since I did a DIY for home so I just decided no matter how much time it was going to take, I am going to finish this once and for all! I am talking about this blue pottery inspired DIY handpainted serving tray tutorial πŸ™‚ I bough this wooden tray couple of months back and it has been collecting dust ever since! I finially got time to make that special decorative tray that I had in mind ( although less attractive :P)!

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Friendship Card with tagline : “Thinking of you”

A friendship card with the tag ” thinking of you” will definitely surprise your friend! Do read on for full tutorials on how to make this card!

hydrangea flower, stamped card, handmade card, india cardmaking, pennyblack, thinking of you, Friendship card , penny black stamp, penny black flower festival

I hadn’t touched my cardmaking supplies since Christmas and I just felt like I needed a break and craft for a change! I made this “Thinking of you” Friendship card for a friend of mine ( which btw I just posted yesterday!) with hydrangea stamps from the Penny black Flower FestivalΒ stamp-set.

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Image courtesy : homecaprice

Paintings are one single Β home decor item that can really face lift a home. We can not only fill in empty wall spaces but also depending upon the theme and colors in the painting, we can set a particular mood for the rooms. Well I don’t own any painting as of now but I plan to once I decide on final placement of all my furnitures and household items. Anyways thats when I came across and they have this totally ammazzzing collection of artworks, paintings and posters. And guess what? You can also rent them and keep swapping with new ones whenever you feel like! Isn’t that great?

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