Paper hearts Wall hanging tutorial

I made these tiny paper hearts with pattern paper strips and look how pretty they are! I turned them into this cute paper hearts wall hanging!

Paper hearts wall hanging

In my last post I had shared with you a tutorial (HERE) for making tiny paper hearts and this is the post where I put them to good use πŸ™‚ I made a paper heart wall hanging which in itself was a little bigger task than anticipated! Here is a tutorial or rather tips for making the paper hearts wall hanging for this valentines day.

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Valentines day Paper hearts tutorial

Valentines day paper hearts tutorial. A very simple 2 mins craft to make cute tiny paper hearts for a wall hanging or even paper chime for this valentines!
Valentines day paper hearts tutorial (7)

The very significance of valentines day has decayed overs for me mostly because I’m so tied up with daily life and work that I don’t even care anymore! But then sometimes its fun to have a little extra something right? So I came up with this easy DIY valentines day paper hearts tutorial which are super easy to make and definitely a last minute life saver!Β Grab your papers and start making!

P.S Also check out the cute wall hanging made from these paper hearts HERE

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