Spray Technique tutorials for Mixed Media

A good tutorial compilation of simple spray technique for mixed media art. If you are a beginner trying mixed media art, here where you should start!

spray technique tutorial for mixed media arts (12)

Hello everyone!!

Mixed media is presumed to be a much difficult form of art work but in real, it gives you immense opportunities to let yourself loose and experiment in all kinds. One important part of mixed media art/mixed media journaling is creating the background for your work. And this post is all about various  spray techniques and how to incorporate them in your mixed media art.These are just some ways in which I use my sprays and they are not hardbound techniques! You can always experiment more and more. These are just some tips for beginners 🙂

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Butterfly Chime : a DIY Tutorial

Butterfly Chime : a DIY Tutorial

Butterfly Chime tutorial (1)

I’ve been lately thinking of giving a spring makeover to my room and after experimenting with my new Martha Stewart butterfly punch , I came up with the idea of making a butterfly  chime. Do you guys do any makeover to your room as your mood changes? I love something new and something handmade in my room that adds that little sense of pleasure and happiness every time I look at them. This butterfly chime turned out so much better than how much I had actually expected it to be. Do you feel like making one too? Go ahead to read the full tutorial on how to make butterfly chime.

Materials required to make Butterfly Chime :

1 )Butter paper

2) Butterfly punch/cutter ( or you can cut out with your own template)

3) Decorative string/thread/chain

4) Thick wire/embroidery hoop

5) Decorative feathers

6) Hot glue gun

Step by step procedure to make Butterfly Chime : 

  • To get started,  punch out butterflies from the butter paper. To make the job easier, fold the paper many times and punch a large number of butterflies all at once. Butterfly Chime tutorial (1)Martha stewart punches are costly but they are worth the investment so if you are a regular crafters, I would suggest a craft punch. But otherwise, no worries. You can make a template butterfly shape from a cardboard and embellish the wings with glitter and pearls.

Butterfly Chime tutorial (6)

  • For a three-dimensional effect, stick together two butterfly cut-outs, one on top of the other, and fold it upwards.
  • For a ring, use an embroidery hoop or make one using a thick wire. If necessary, paint the ring with acrylic paint.

Butterfly Chime tutorial (10)

  • Cut the decorative thread or chain into pieces of alternating lengths. Stick them along the ring at equal distances from each other.

Butterfly Chime tutorial (7)

  • Glue the butterflies on the free ends of the threads/chains.

Butterfly Chime tutorial (8)

  • For a more charming look, I covered the plain embroidery hoop with delicate feathers all along.Butterfly Chime tutorial (8)
  • Then I added two chains across the diameters of the ring form X shape so that the ring was being balanced without any tilt.

Butterfly Chime tutorial (3)

  • and the butterfly chime was ready!!!

Did you like the butterfly chime and the tutorial? Dont you think you can make such awesome cute piece of decor to your home to add that little pinch of much needed happiness? Do send us your touches of happinesss this season 🙂 We would love to see and try! If you are interested in writing for us, do send an email to [email protected]

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