Spray techniques tutorial for mixed media art

Spray Technique tutorials for Mixed Media

A good tutorial compilation of simple spray technique for mixed media art. If you are a beginner trying mixed media art, here where you should start! Hello everyone!! Mixed media is presumed to be a much difficult form of art work but in real, it gives you immense opportunities to let yourself loose and experiment in all kinds. One important part of mixed media art/mixed media journaling is creating the …

Butterfly Chime : a DIY Tutorial

Butterfly Chime : a DIY Tutorial I’ve been lately thinking of giving a spring makeover to my room and after experimenting with my new Martha Stewart butterfly punch , I came up with the idea of making a butterfly  chime. Do you guys do any makeover to your room as your mood changes? I love something new and something handmade in my room that adds that little sense of pleasure and happiness …

Craft Giveaway with ItsyBitsy and A1 Crafts

Craft Giveaway IV Sponsored by Itsy Bitsy & A1 Crafts So we are back again with our fourth giveaway sponsored by none other than Itsy Bitsy & A1 Crafts. Yes we have two sponsors and hence 2 winners for Rs.500 worth gift vouchers each! Both of the stores needs no special introductions to you crafters. Im sure both of them are your favourite craft supplies shopping destinations 🙂