Craft Giveaway 2015 I with Rainbowcraftykari

The Crafty Angels Giveaway 2015 ( I ) with Rainbow Craftykariย 

craft giveaway 2015

I started thecraftyangels on an impulse when I was so lazily spending my maternity vacation with little grace. I launched the website on March 28th 2014 and now, TCA being a year old, we have more than 100 subscribers, almost 1000 facebook fans and almost 300 daily visits. What more occasion calls for a celebration like this? A series of giveaway 2015 just for you ๐Ÿ™‚ ย I can’t ask for more , given the fact that blogging has taken a backseat ever since I joined back for work. Nevertheless, I love crafting and I love sharing my crafty adventures as well ๐Ÿ™‚

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Tight Quilled Flower Tutorial : A Shaker Card

Tight Quilled Flowerย Tutorial ย : A Shaker Card

Tight quilled flower shaker card tutorial (12)

I had posted a tutorial on bakers twine blow few days back and I did tell you that it was for my mother’s birthday. She had a good birthday celebration on 23rd May at our house with my other two sisters being there this time. She loved the card and I am happy that this time I put in so much efforts into making something for her unlike all the other birthday gifts I have ever giver her so far.

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Ezebee website review  (10)

Are you into crafting for business? Im just a hobbyist who like to try and learn new craft & arts and maybe in the process dish out some unique pieces for my home ๐Ÿ™‚ ย But 80% of crafters I know of are highly talented and experienced and they ย craft for business. I happened to ask a few of them if the business is worth the effort and investment, and they feel sometimes its the sheer joy of doing something you love doing that matters despite less profits. Many also happened to mention how a Facebook shop generally attracts friends, relatives and referred people alone and hence is a little difficult getting new customers.

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Bakers Twine Bow embellishment Tutorial

Bakers Twine Bow embellishment Tutorialย 

baker twine bow tutorial (7)

Bakers twine is a staple in every crafters stash but ever wondered about how it got its name? Well bakers twine were initially used by bakers the 18th and 19th centuries ( widely in England and Scotland) for securing bread loafs. The regular ones were just plain white twines made of cotton without any wax. The standard colour of red and white were a late entrant, mostly used for decorative wrapping of cakes during festive season or special orders. Its only been a few years since bakers twine have gained wide acceptance into gift wrapping and of course crafting world. But again the basic use of bakers twine still bundles around its initial use of tying up gift packs or cards. There can be a lot more that can be done with bakers twine and I guess I will need to put up posts for many new ideas so that I can empty my present ones and buy new shades bakers twines ๐Ÿ™‚

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