Quilling Comb Flower Tutorial with Video

Quilling comb flower tutorial (20)

Quilling Comb Flower Tutorial

Quilling comb flower tutorial (20)Someone had shared these very beautiful quilling comb flowers on facebook and I just loved how neat and simple it looked. She hadnt posted a tutorial and I was sure it was done with a quilling comb. In my previous post on All-about-quilling-tools (HERE), I was telling you guys how I had purchased a quilling comb and not yet done anything with it! Well when I saw this quilling comb flower on facebook, I immediately grabbed my quilling comb and tried the flower and the one petal was super easy! What grabbed my attention was how different the quilling comb flower looked altogether unlike the loose coil flowers of different shapes.

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Quilled Wall Hanging Tutorial with quilled malaysian flowers

Quilled Wall Hanging Tutorial

Quilled wall hanging tutorial In my last few posts, I had mentioned how I was working hard on my quilled wall hanging. Working hard only because I have to hide from my lil one and do all the crafty works else she will mess up my whole supplies! There is going to be little words and more photos in this post because I have already covered all basic shapes required in this quilled wall hanging through my previous posts. I had intended to make a huge project this time covering a major part of my living room wall with something quilled and my husband suggested a quilled wall hanging just like the bangle wall hanging I had done last year (HERE).But as my work progressed I realised I wasnt really equipped with ample amount of quilling strips to complete a HUGE project so I settles with this medium sized quilled wall hanging 🙂

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Basic Quilling Tools & Supplies : Beginners must read!

Basic quilling tutorial-making teardrop (4)

Basic Quilling Tools & Supplies : Exhaustive list with details

Quilled wall hanging tutorial

Quilling is like the “in” in-thing these days and there are many people who want to try quilling but not able to figure out where to start! Dont worry I have been there and I have crossed that phase right now so long back that I actually am in a position to give some tips for beginners 🙂 Anyways since there was a huge response to my beginners quilling shapes tutorial (HERE) I realized that I should do a post on Quilling tools as well. Not that I own all the quilling tools but I can tell  you what you need and what you dont!

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Cardmaking : Quilled Hearts Card Tutorial

Cardmaking : Quilled Hearts Card Tutorial

Quilled Hearts Card Tutorial (12)

I know its sort of boring to see similar posts at a go and trust me its even more boring making them! As you might know I have recently taken the plunge into cardmaking and my cards are very simple to make with hardly any element or twist but I loved making them 🙂 This heart card is very much different from the Confetti hearts card (HERE) that I did earlier since this one is a Quilled card and also I have used stencils to make the background. If you havent seen my previous post on quilling basics HERE, please do check them out because you will be needing them to make these quilled hearts card.

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