Zupiterg (now Homesake.in)- Online Home decor store in India

Zupiterg – An online home decor and Handicraft store in India (Website review)

Zupiterg online home decor store  (10)

Being the creative head of my family, I’m always in lookout for ways to make my home pretty  tidy 🙂 Having an enthusiastic baby running around, pointing on everything and anything around, pulling them out somehow and later dismantling them into bits and pieces doesn’t really help in the process of keeping the house in order! Even then, I always look out for Online Home decor stores in India (yes I shop everything online!) just to keep checking what all I need to splurge on once my baby grows up and I can have my dream home! Zupiterg(dot)com ( now homesake.in) is the latest entrant to the unending list of online home decor stores in India but lemme tell you, its one of its kind.

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Kanzashi ribbon flower tutorial

Hello folks!!

Kanzashi ribbon flower tutorial  (5)If you have seen my last post about kanzashi artist Sakae (HERE), you would know why this post now. I became so obsessed seeing all the varieties of  kanzashi ribbon flowers on the Internet and I could already imagine them as headbands n hair clips for my daughter. 😀 so wasting no time I pulled out few ribbons and tried these beautiful looking flowers and I realised that the procedure was simple but there were definitely some tips to be shared to get them right ( I made 4 kanzashi ribbon flowers in one go and only my fourth one came out nearly perfect). This tutorial can be found everywhere on the Internet but please do read the tips and tricks section to avoid following a trial and error method to get the kanzashi ribbon flower right.

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Kanzashi Flowers by Sakae

Kanzashi Flowers by Sakae 

Kanzhashi Flowers_Sakae (13)Ever seen nail polish flowers? Even i was surprised and in fact actually excited about making them since i had so many nail polishes that i was rarely using! While searching on google i came across these Kanzhashi flowers made by Sakae, a Japanese artist that has similar in technique but with synthetic resin and these flowers were like the most delicate n beautiful handmade thing i had ever seen.

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DIY Decorative Hangings Tutorial #21

Hello angels! A DIY Decorative hangings tutorial. Make use of waste cello-tape cores to make these cute and adorable DIY Decorative hangings. Follow photo tutorial.

DIY Decorative Hangings Tutorial 

DIY Decorative hangings 1

This is so unlikely of me to write 2 posts in a week straight but yes you guessed it right! My new year resolution for 2015 is to not ignore my baby blog and also to take fitness more seriously ( aha yes!) . As a part of “growing” my blog, if you have noticed I have started an interview series with various artists last year. This year i have come up with a new plan – guest posts by fellow crafters. So the first guest post is by my fellow crafter Anila’s – DIY Decorative hangings tutorial.


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Calligraphy in India – Meet Mr. Mayank Baranwal #20

Calligraphy in India – An interview with Mr. Mayank Baranwal

Do you like your handwriting? Do you shy away from writing in greeting cards cz of your not so good handwriting? Do you turn back pages of your dairies and wonder how nice is your handwriting? Well I do 🙂 I love my handwriting and I thought that was enough. Until I read this article in The Hindu (HERE) and I ended up realising there is a lot more to do once you have a good handwriting.

calligraphy in india - mayank baranwal

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