Bangle Craft Wall Hanging Tutorial #7

Hello angels!

I love wearing accessories that match my outfit. But what do you do so when u have so many bangles of same color and you aren’t wearing them anymore? Well here is what you do with it – Bangle craft ! Yes! I bought these new glass bangles to materialize my bangle craft idea and with lot of efforts,after breaking so many bangles in vain, i finished it with a beautiful bangle craft wall hanging! Read more on how to make these in simple steps!

Bangle craft

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Shampoo Bottle Recycle Craft #6

Hello Angels!

Bottle recycle ?? Yes you heard it right 🙂 Yesterday was quick craft day! I had these empty shampoo and conditioner bottle lying around for quite a while and have been thinking about making something out of it. I sat searching for bottle recycle crafts and i had like loads of inspiration projects! In fact I never knew so much could be done with waste bottles!

bottle recycle pen holder

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