floral monogram alphabet z

Watercolor Floral Alphabet Monogram

Learn to make these simple watercolor floral alphabet to adorn your home with powerful & elegant words. An instant way to add beauty to your walls 🙂 Watercoloring is like meditation to me. I started watercoloring a little over 2 years ago and now I religiously practice watercoloring because its such a stress buster after long tiring day at office! Last week I came across this really pretty floral alphabets …

hand painted woodslice name board

Hand Painted Wood Slice Name Board

Learn how to paint fun and easy acrylic paintings on round wood slice .Super easy tutorial for hand painted wood slice baby name boards for your cute ones. Last week has been pretty much hectic with loads and loads of rakhi tutorial. I was myself feeling very bored making so many types of rakhis and also typing out the blog post seemed never ending! Today I am sharing this very …

DIY gota lace rakhi

Handmade Gota Lace Rakhi

No rakhi is special without a tinge of gold. Make this rakhsabandhan special with handmade DIY gota lace rakhi for your sweet brothers 🙂 Handmade Gota Lace Rakhi Hello guys ! I am back again with another rakhi tutorial and I promise this is the last. Because even I am sick & tired of making Rakhi making tutorial 😛 But I promise this one is so easy and can be …

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DIY handmade Kundan Rakhi making

What is more happier than making your own rakhi for your brother for Rakshabandhan? Try this simple Kundan Rakhi and impress him with your creativity 🙂 Rakshabandhan is over but I made these with so much efforts but could’t make it to blog on time 🙁 . Because fever came over and I was down for three days straight, spoiling my entire plans for rakhsabandhan. Hopefully this blog post might …


Eco friendly Handmade Rakhi making tutorial for Rakhsabandhan

Make this rakshabandhan unique & special with Eco-Friendly Handmade Rakhi made from fabric. If you are like me and do not enjoy store bought rakhis, this tutorial is for you. Hello peeps! We are at the much awaited longest weekend of 2019 and thanks to Independence day in the middle, we are going to have an even shorter week! Well so  Rakhsabandhan is hardly 5 days away  and although we …

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Creating a DIY Gallery wall on budget

Take your wall decor to the next level with these simple and cheap DIY gallery wall frames made with paper card stocks and little creativity 🙂 Are you looking to decorate your home or your hostel room , or even your work space? An interesting gallery wall changes the entire look of a blank wall and when you can keep changing the contents of the frames, its going to be …

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4 Basic Calligraphy supplies you must choose wisely

Want to start calligraphy but do not know what basic calligraphy supplies to buy and how to choose from? I have been there and I hear your pain 🙁 In this post I am mostly going to concentrate of budget supplies, how to choose from the many varieties and brands, and help you get started with your calligraphy practice. But before that I highly recommend that you read my earlier …

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A beginners guide to Calligraphy & Lettering – things to know!

If you want to start with calligraphy and are confused as to where to start and how to start, you should start right here – difference between calligraphy & lettering. I have for ever been contemplating if I am competent enough to put out a post on calligraphy or lettering because I never consider myself an expert. But with the amount of DMs I get on Instagram, I am fairly …